Fun For Everyone This Holiday Season!

Posted on November 2nd, 2015 by Lara

Memories are experiences one remembers from their past. Do you remember making holiday treats, decorations, fun family times and a whole lot of laughter during the preperation for Thanksgiving and Christmas when you were younger?

Join our various workshops, feel pride when your gingerbread house is on display during the Candlelight Walking Tour and marvel at the glow in your little ones face as they listen to the Gingerbread Man story and create one themselves. And a BIG THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR, Shirck Orthodontics!


Gingerbread House Workshop
Ages: 5-8, Family & Adults
Held in cooperation with the Robbins Hunter Museum. Children will build and decorate their own “gingerbread” house to have on display during the Candlelight Walking Tour. All supplies included (choose session 01).

NEW! Decorate a house with your family or create your own unique entry without the mess at your own house. Choose session 02 or 03.

Robbins Hunter Museum
Session 01: $10 (R), $30 (NR)
Session 02: $10 (R), $30 (NR)
Session 03: $20 (R), $40 (NR)
Register by 11/7 For All Sessions

Ages: 5-8
Sa 11/14 10-11:00AM     120250.01

Ages: Family or Adult w/o House Kit
Sa 11/14 11:30AM-1PM   120250.02

Ages: Family or Adult with House Kit
Sa 11/14 11:30AM-1PM   120250.03


Gingerbread House Contest
Ages: All
Gingerbread House contest held in cooperation with the Robbins Hunter Museum. Contest rules and registration forms are available on the GRD website at or at the museum. Judging will take place December 4th.

Drop off entries December 3rd, 1:00 – 4:00PM (or by appointment) at the Robbins Hunter Museum. Enter through side door across from the library.

Registration form and fee must accompany entry. Houses will be
displayed at the Robbins Hunter Museum during the Candlelight Walking Tour on December 5th.

Robbins Hunter Museum
Festival FREE,
Gingerbread House Entry: Professional; $5, Adult; $5, Family; $5, Teen 13 – 17; $4, Youth 9 – 12; $3, 8 and under; FREE

Th 12/3 1-4PM      Entry Drop Off


Gingerbread House Breakfast
Ages: 4-7 (accompanied by an adult)
Held in cooperation with the Robbins Hunter Museum. Come tour the museum decorated in its holiday finery. Enjoy a game, craft and snack and hear the story of the Gingerbread Man! Limited seating; register early!

Robbins Hunter Museum
$10 (R), $30 (NR)
Register by 11/14

Sa 11/21 10-11:00AM       #121410

Now Offering!

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by Lara



Exciting News! The GRD is now offering Kindergarten Basketball for the upcoming 2015-2016 seasonStart your rookie hoopster on the right track with this age appropriate introduction to basketball! With equipment just their size (smaller basketball and lower hoops) this program will teach your child the FUNdamentals of the game!
When: Saturdays
Time: 60 Minutes (First 2 weeks just practice; 6 weeks 30 min. practice, 30 min. games)
Where: GES Gymnasium
How long: 8 weeks total


Posted on October 9th, 2015 by Lara

Park Preschooler Programs Have NEW DATES:
For ages 3-5

Session 01: Looking At Leaves
Tuesday, October 27 @ 10-11AM
How do leaves get their colors and why do they fall to the ground? Let’s test your observation skills and compare leaves, followed by a leaf rubbing craft. Register by 10/20.

Session 02: Who Lives In A Tree?
Tuesday, November 24 @ 10-11AM
Children develop an awareness of trees and some of the animals that call them “home.” Register by 11/17.

Session 03: Owls
Tuesday, December 29 @ 10-11AM
Owls have been said to have superpowers – super sight, super hearing, and super silent flight. Come learn about these amazing nocturnal hunters. Register by 12/22.

Session 04: Spider Web Wonders
Tuesday, January 26, 2016 @ 10-11AM
Did you know that different spiders weave different shapes of webs? Come learn about the webs spiders weave and make your own spider web to take home! Register by 1/19/16