Covered In Color 5K Results

Posted on June 8th, 2016 by Lara

Last Saturday, June 4th the GRD hosted the annual Covered In Color Run for its third year! FUN was had by all.

Special thanks to this year’s event Sponsors go out to Denise’s Salon on South Main, Dor Mar Heating & Cooling and Licking Memorial Health Systems!

Below are the race results:
Female Results
Male Results
Overall Results

GRD Receives OPRA Award!

Posted on February 10th, 2016 by Lara

The Granville Recreation District Received First Place Award for the Rotary Bridge Project at the Annual OPRA Conference Category 2 (Capital Improvement 1 million – 2.5 million)

The GRD received the award, this past week at the annual Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Conference, held in Sandusky, OH for the capital improvement project, Rotary Bridge at Raccoon Valley Park. This new, and only, pedestrian access to Raccoon Valley Park created the missing link to providing alternative transportation, from vehicular travel, to one of Granville’s prime recreational areas.  The Rotary Bridge Project constitutes the second phase to providing a critical loop which will link the regional pathway system in the Granville community. The Granville Rotary Bridge, costing 1.15 million dollars, connects Raccoon Valley Park and the TJ Evans Bike Path. The bridge is 273 feet long, weighs 767 tons and rises 15 feet from the park to the bike path.  “The Rotary Bridge simply improves the quality of life in our community,” said Andy Wildman, Executive Director of the Granville Recreation District.  Granville Rotary Club Past President Dr. John Weigand said “It’s exceeded my expectations. We certainly see people using it and I’ve gotten positive comments.  I think it opens up the park to people who will utilize it.  That usage will allow the Granville Recreation District to continue to improve park amenities.”  Funding for the bridge was provided by generous grants from both the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, in addition, other sponsors included: the Granville Rotary Club, Granville Recreation District, Village of Granville, Denison University, TJ Evans Foundation, Granville Township, Granville Foundation, Licking Memorial Health Foundation, Newark/Heath Rotary Club, as well as private donations.

Those pictured from left to right):  
Woody Woodward, Executive Director OPRA
Andy Wildman, Executive Director Granville Recreation District
Dr. John Weigand, Past President Rotary Club of Granville
Alison Terry, Former Village of Granville Planner
Scott Myers, President Board of Trustees, OPRA


2016 GRD Update

Posted on January 20th, 2016 by Lara

Success is in the Details – Director’s Message

Much of 2015 was consumed by transition. For the first time since the GRD’s creation, we have no “founding father” serving in the role of Trustee. We launched an internal maintenance division which in-cluded purchasing equipment and hiring a Maintenance Director. The GRD hired a new Youth Sport Supervisor to continue the growth of our robust youth sport curriculum. New leadership, new staff and new programs all take time to integrate. While the process can be slow and cumbersome, it certainly forces you examine what you do and how you do it. I feel strongly that this kind of turnover is healthy for an organi-zation such as the GRD. From a maintenance perspective the net result has been extremely positive. We are experiencing a better product and receiving a savings from past years. I believe we will experience similar positive outcomes from our youth sports transition in 2016.

As we begin to plan for 2016, and emerge from a year of transition, we need to consider the small things that separate a good public parks department and a great public parks department. With a emphasis on small logistical items such as increased communication standards, strong volunteer guidelines, clear and consistent policies and procedures, efficient acquisition and distribution of program supplies and comprehensive parent meetings. Those improvements will allow more time for major initiatives such as a promotional campaign on sportsmanship, the development of organizational values and principals and some critical strategic planning, which will raise the trajectory of this award winning organization. With greater attention to the finer points and Granville’s commitment to community, the sky is the limit!

Click here for the full 2016 update.