The Arts

YOUNG ARTISTS’ WORKSHOPS,  Instructed by Liz Smith, BFA in Studio Art & Art History, Ohio University. 

    Summer 2017

    We all know making art is FUN especially for little ones. Not only will your little ones have a blast exploring mediums such as water color, chalk pastels, mixed media and found  natural objects, they will also become familiar with several of the masters as we focus on a new artist each day. Your child will be given a chance to see the world through art and have exciting and meaningful experiences along the way. At the end of the week, family members well be invited to view our amazing individual and collaborative creations in a gallery like setting. Time to roll up our sleeves, get a little messy and celebrate art. Instructor Liz Smith
    Summer 2017
    Young artists will love the opportunity to really explore different art forms through both individual and collaborative projects. We will use many different mediums such as acrylic paints, water color, chalk pastels, charcoal, mixed media and found natural objects to create art that showcases creativity from the beginning if the process to the final project. Students will also be exposed to the history of art as we focus on a new artist each day. Your young artist will discover new methods and techniques to create with many different mediums and to look at the world from an artistic perspective. At the end of the week  family members will be invited to view our amazing individual and collaborative creations in a gallery like setting. Time to roll up our sleeves and get a little messy. Instructor Liz Smith

ART ADVENTURES – Ages: 6 – 12
Summer 2017
Students work at their own skill level to create masterpieces. This class includes watercolor, mixed media, collage, and more. Lots of fun for all ages. Come prepared to get messy! Instructor is Karen Kill

ART ON ELM Instructor Lori Clarke: B.F.A in Fine Arts , Master’s in Education and a teaching certificate from The State of Ohio.

  • DINO DRAWING CAMP – Ages: 6 – 12
    Summer 2017
    If your children love to draw this is the camp for them! Students will learn to draw  dinosaurs, dragons, Pokemon and much more. We will be using real art materials like charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, specialty pencils and watercolor. Instructor Lori Clarke
  • PICTURE THIS! – Ages: 7 – 12
    Summer 2017
    Students will paint on stretched canvas and artist quality watercolor paper. They will learn the principles of design and explore the possibilities of mixed media and collage, applying found objects such as beads and sand to enhance their compositions. Each artist will  complete at least 3 finished pieces and will be invited to show their work during the Granville Art Walk on July 1st and August 5th. Instructor Lori Clarke.
  • FAIRY CAMP - Ages: 6 – 12
    Summer 2017
    This class is for boys and girls who are interested in the pretend world of fairies. Each artist will make their own miniature fairy garden, using air-dry clay, dried foliage, and  found objects. There will be fairy games and scavenger hunts around the village. The whole town is in on it. Discover fairy gardens in surprising places, while searching the nooks and crannies of the Historic Village of Granville. Instructor Lori Clarke.
  • CUPCAKES & CANVAS – Ages: 6 – 16
    Summer 2017
    This is a step-by-step painting class where students follow along and everyone makes their own version of the instructors painting. The first day we are painting a beach scene with a sunset and the second day we will be making an abstract flower. We will also be decorating and eating cupcakes each day for snack. Instructor Lori Clarke.
  • JEWELRY MAKING – Ages: 10 – 16
    Summer 2017
    We will be making bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories with string, wire and beads. Students will be using basic jewelry making tools including wire cutters, clamps and  hammers. We will explore resin techniques and polymer clay to make some of our own beads. Each student will make at least one finished piece per day. Instructor Lori Clarke.
  • ORIGINAL DESIGNS – All Day Camp, Ages: 6 – 16
    Summer 2017
    If your kids love art this is the camp for them! We will be exploring everything from painting on canvas to paper and wire sculpture. Students will make a self-portrait as well as a still life. We will examine what it is like to be an artist, make a body of work, and  display work for a real art show. Art show will be held on August 5th during the Granville Art Walk. There will be an artist reception open to the public from 5-7PM. Instructor Lori Clarke.
  • ADVANCED DRAWING - Ages: 18+
    Summer 2017
    This course uses simple materials —charcoal and erasers, inks and brushes—as means of discovery. Specific classroom exercises focus on visual analysis and the skills needed for expressive 2D form such as line, tone, mass and illusionistic space. Frequent individual critiques help students personalize their creative thinking. Students are responsible for purchasing their own art materials.  Instructor Lori Clarke.


Fall 2017
Want to do something that’s good for the bluebirds – and fun for you? Build them a nesting box. Thanks to man-made nest boxes, the population of these beautiful birds is on its way up! Join the GRD staff and build your own house to take home with you. The bluebird boxes we are building have a couple of interesting features and are easy to assemble. Registration fee includes precut and drilled cedar boards, ready for you to assemble. This is a great family project, children 12 and under must have parental supervision. Tools will be provided