The Arts

Spring and Summer 2015
Do you have a marching band instrument hiding in your closet? Would you like to meet fellow local musicians? Then this is an opportunity for you to participate in the creation of a Granville community band! Granville residents share a common appreciation for the arts as demonstrated by the numerous opportunities we have to listen to various music genres. This opportunity is open to anyone  regardless of skill level – emphasizing to all that it is the desire, not the talent that truly creates a lifelong musician. Questions, Contact Bill White (

Summer 2015
Students work at their own skill levels to create masterpieces. This class includes watercolor, mixed media, collage and more. Lots of fun for all ages, come dressed to get messy! Karen Kill is the instructor. 

Summer 2015
Want to do something that’s good for the bluebirds – and fun for you? Build them a nesting box. Thanks to man-made nest boxes, the population of these beautiful birds is on its way up! Join the GRD staff and build your own house to take home with you. The bluebird boxes we are building have a couple of interesting features and are easy to assemble. Registration fee includes precut and drilled cedar boards, ready for you to assemble. This is a great family project, children 12 and under must have parental supervision. Tools will be provided