Volunteer of the Month


The GRD is pleased to announce Brett Black as the Volunteer of the Month for March 2014.  Brett was a GRD wrestling coach this past winter and has shown dedication in providing the youth of Granville with a great experience.    Says GRD wrestling parent Alison Terry, “Coach Black did an amazing job this wrestling season.  His energy, enthusiasm and general love of the sport was evident throughout the season at practices, dual meets and tournaments.  His ability to keep forty-five kids, ranging in age from kindergarten through sixth grade, focused and entertained, while still learning the fundamentals during practices was a tremendous feat.  Overall the kids learned some valuable life lessons in self-discipline, competing as individuals and perseverance on the mat.  Great job Coach Black – we are already looking forward to next year’s season!”

Coach Black, the GRD appreciates all of your efforts and congratulations!



The GRD is happy to present Steve Bain as the Volunteer of the Month for February 2014. Steve was the Head Coach of a 3rd/4th Grade Boys Youth Basketball team this winter. Parent JR Wait explains, “Steve has been a class act since day one in the way he dealt with my son and his teammates on and off the basketball court, and in the way that he communicated with our parent group. He did a great job teaching the fundamentals, and showed the team how to handle success and failure in a positive, healthy way. Steve was a big reason why my son had a memorable season, loved going to practice, and wants to continue to play basketball. His Mom and I are very thankful.  GRIZZLY-UP COACH BAIN!”

Coach Bain, the GRD appreciate all of your efforts and congratulations!