GRD Launches Feasibility Study

Posted on August 24th, 2011 by Lara

The word “study” is generally defined as devoting time and attention to acquiring knowledge.  That definition clearly applies to the GRD’s ongoing feasibility study.

Fresh off a community needs assessment, which concluded in early 2011, the GRD is exploring the possibility of constructing new facilities.  To complete this study, the board of trustees has retained the services of Brandstetter Carroll, an Ohio based firm, who has completed numerous feasibility studies across the state.   Amenities, location sites, partnership opportunities, cost analysis, as well as market and economical feasibility, are all important components of investigating the possibilities of additional facilities.

The top eight facilities identified in the community needs assessment, in order, include:
1. Outdoor Pool
2. Community Recreation Center
3. Indoor Pool / Natatorium
4. Additional Flex Sports fields
5. Indoor Sports Courts
6. Maintain and Develop Trails / Pathways
7. Senior Center
8. Year-Round Restroom Facilities in Parks

The GRD board and staff are anxiously awaiting the results of the study, which should conclude in late 2011.