Tryouts Being Held

Posted on September 17th, 2012 by Lara

Our travel basketball program will participate in the COBA (Central Ohio Basketball Association) League, which is a more involved, more intensive basketball program that will travel around the Columbus area, up to and including 1 hours’ drive time, pending game location. With the increase in intensity of the nature of the program it will require more time and energy from our players. The program has 4-5 contact points a week. We will have 4-5 practices per week in the preseason and 3-4 in season. Once games begin, you will play games most weekends and will participate in up to 4 tournaments, which will feature 3 guaranteed games and up to 8-10 games if you advance in the tournaments. This program requires a serious commitment from early October – early March. 


-Each tryout session will be 90 min in length.

-Please wait with your child outside the gym. You will be called into the gym by a GRD Coach when things are ready to get started.

-Parents will not be permitted in the gym during try-outs. Only GRD Travel Basketball Coaches and GRD Staff will be allowed in the gym during the try-out.

-The GRD will permit only 1 pre-established Assistant Coaches inside the gym to help with running evaluations.

-GRD Travel Basketball coaches will run the try outs and provide input for team selection, with head coaches making the final decision.

-Each team may select between 10-12 players for the final roster.

-AJ Gaul (GRD Youth Sports Supervisor) will email parents the final roster 1-2 weeks after last try-out date.

-Details will follow regarding fees associated with participating after try-outs conclude ($275-350)

The Granville Recreation District Travel Basketball Try-outs Schedules Below:

Saturday, October 6, 2018
GMS Gym                                  GHS Gym
11AM – 3rd Grade Girls               11AM – 3rd Grade Boys
12:30PM – 4th Grade Girls         12:30PM – 4th Grade Boyss 
2PM – 5th Grade Girls                 2PM – 5th Grade Boys
3:30PM – 6th Grade Girls           3:30PM – 6th Grade Boys 

Sunday October 7, 2018
GMS Gym                                  GHS Gym
12PM- 6th Grade Boys                12PM- 6th Grade Girls
1:30PM- 5th Grade Boys            1:30PM- 5th Grade Girls
3PM- 4th Grade Boys                 3PM- 4th Grade Girls
4:30PM- 3rd Grade Boys           4:30PM- 3rd Grade Girls

Monday October 8, 2018
GIS Gym                                    
5:30PM – 3rd Grade Boys 
7PM – 4th Grade Boys 

Tuesday October 9, 2018
5:30PM- 3rd Grade Girls
7PM- 4th Grade Girls

Wednesday October 10, 2018
5:30PM- 5th Grade Boys
7PM- 6th Grade Boys

Thursday October 11, 2018
5:30PM- 5th Grade Girls
7PM- 6th Grade Girls

Pre-registration is required in order for your child to attend try-outs.

*Players must attend at least one try-out session but are encouraged to attend multiple. You are not required to be registered for our travel basketball to try-out but it is strongly encouraged.