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Posted on May 1st, 2014 by Lara

TADSports & Granville Rec
Coach the Coaches Clinic
Sunday, May 18th 5-7pm
1845 W. Main St. Newark, Ohio

A coach can be many things to many different people. A coach is a teacher, a mentor, role model, sometimes a friend but one thing is for sure a coach is always looking out for the best interest of the player and program as a whole.
– John Wooden

One of the things I have always admired about Granville is the fact that we are not afraid of doing things differently or finding better ways to do things. It has served us well as a community and as a school district. I would like to take a similar approach to how we are preparing our young athletes in the our youth sport programs. I would like to start the process by holding a coaches clinic at TADSports Sunday, May 18th from 5-7p. This clinic will be for ALL Granville coaches of any sport K-12. We will be limiting the clinic to the first 30 coaches and you must register online here to hold a spot.

There have been many new stories and articles outlining problems with youth sports in America lately (links below). And while I agree we have many issues with early specialization and year round overuse, I also believe there is a lot we can do within our “family” to make sure we are doing things better than anyone else in protecting our young athletes and our sports programs.

I believe we can do a better job of developing our young athletes as an “athlete” rather than for a particular sport. Educating our youth coaches will give them the necessary tools to make a positive impact on our young athletes should be a priority for all of us. If we do this correctly we can improve performance, enjoyment, reduce injuries and build athletes with the fundamental athleticism for long term success.

The TADSports Coach the Coaches Clinic will be a FREE 2 hour participation event so come dressed for activity (if you can not workout still come and observe from the sidelines). We will be giving an outline on preparing players for practice, general physical preparation, improving performance, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention!

Outline of Clinic
1) Intro to the General Athletic Continuum
2) Athletic Warm Up and Injury Prevention Exercises
3) Speed, Agility and Sport Skill Development
4) General Strength Training for Young Athletes
5) Break & Nutrition
6) Recovery, Restoring Function and Injury Prevention with DR. Jon Bafford
7) Energy System Development (ESD)
8) Question and Answer Period 

Free Clinic but limited space, register by May 15th here!

“Speed of reaction and frequency of movement are abilities that are initially developed very early on, generally at the pre-school age, and very dynamically between 7 to 12 years of age. The basic reason for this is the fact that the nervous system concerned with speed and reaction are most formed during pre-puberty. After this optimal growth period, the central nervous system is changed very little, and so the possibilities to influence speed of movement are very small.”

– Prof. Vladimir Koprivica Journal Article Speed of Young Players

Thank you,
Clint Cox
Granville Strength & Conditioning Coach
TADSports Performance Coach/Owner