Upcoming Sessions

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by Lara

Upcoming Park Preschooler Programs:
For ages 3-5

Session 01: Animal Tracks!
Tuesday, January 26 @ 10-11AM
Children explore animal tracks and make and compare tracks of their own. Register by 1/19.

Session 02: Hiding in Plain Sight
Tuesday, February 23 @ 10-11AM
Have you walked by an animal and not realized it was there until it moved? Wild animals must sometimes blend with their surroundings to avoid being eaten. Children will pla a game, make a collage, and hear a story to learn about how animals use camouflage. Register by 2/16.

Session 03: Spider Web Wonders
Tuesday, March 22 @ 10-11AM
Did you know that different spiders weave different shapes of webs? Come learn about the webs spiders weave and make your own spider web to take home! Register by 3/15.

Session 04: Bird Beak Buffet
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 10-11AM
How do bird’s beaks determine what the eat? Children will learn about the special adaptations of bird beaks through activity stations. Register by 4/19.