Playgrounds OPEN

Posted on May 5th, 2020 by Lara

UPDATED: 6/16/2020
Good Afternoon GRD Residents,

Raccoon Valley Park and Wildwood Park Playgrounds Open Effective Immediately
As of today, June 16th, the playgrounds at Raccoon Valley Park and Wildwood Park are open effectively immediately. When using the playgrounds, please consider the following:

  • Use playgrounds at your own risk
  • Playground equipment is not sanitized by the Granville Recreation District
  • Monitor your children while using the equipment
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently or apply hand sanitizer
  • Maintain 6 feet social distancing
  • No mass gatherings (no more than 10 persons)
  • If you do not feel well or have a temperature of 100.4 F, do not use the equipment or go to the parks
  • For more information about COVID-19, please visit

I want to personally thank everyone for their kindness as we navigate these uncharted waters. It has been very helpful that everyone has been understanding, and followed the policies and procedures we have set to keep our community safe.

Coronavirus Adult & Youth Sport Leagues Advisory Group   
Responsible RestartOhio Guidelines

While we understand everyone is going to have different feelings on this issue, the GRD is making plans to get these activities moving in the capacity they can occur. We will push out that information as we move forward. The current state of affairs is not easy for anyone, and we have all been affected differently. As we begin to enter this phase of Covd-19, we are going to need everyone’s cooperation, mercy and grace. We are all going to have different beliefs and feelings, which need respected and honored. There might be rules and guidelines we all don’t like or agree with, but we are going to have to work together to allow these programs to start.  

If your personal views don’t align with this approach, please reach out to myself or any staff member immediately. We will remove you or your dependent from any program and process your refund immediately. I can be reached at 740-644-0325

Concert on the Green – Memorial Day & June 14th
The Memorial Day Weekend, and June 14th, concerts have been canceled. The remaining concerts are to be determined. We will continue to push out information as we navigate the current state of affairs.  

Spring Programs and Sports Updated 5/15/2020
At this point, we are working with our partners and instructors to formulate a plan for spring sports. That, in part, is a waiting game as we navigate through the current state of affairs.  

The following programs are officially canceled:

  • 3rd/4th Lacrosse
  • GIS Run Club
  • Rookie Runners
  • 1st & 2nd Grade Lacrosse
  • GO Soccer
  • PreK – 2nd Grade Blue Ace Soccer Skills Clinic
  • 3rd/4th Soccer
  • 5th/6th Soccer
  • Middle School Lacrosse
  • Middle School Tennis

The following programs are TBD:

  • T-Ball and Soft T-Ball (tentative start of June 1st)
  • PreK – 2nd Grade Soccer (tentative start TBD)
  • 8U – 12U Baseball (tentative start of June 1st)
  • 8U – 12U Softball (tentative start of June 1st)
  • 5th/6th Grade Lacrosse (TBD)
  • Middle School Soccer (TBD)
  • 13U, 14U and 16U Baseball (tentative start of May 26th)

COVID-19 Refund Policy
The GRD’s Board of Trustees and staff have determined that we will adhere to our existing refund policy and refund 100% of all program fees for any canceled programs due to COVID 19.   

A significant challenge in this refund process is that the GRD offers so many unique programs, with varying components and price points. We will email each sports roster specifically with instructions for that sport. Please keep in mind that each activity is unique, and has different leagues, so you might get an email for 3rd/4th grade lacrosse, and not get an email for 7th/8th grade lacrosse. That is not an error; it is because the 3rd/4th grade lacrosse is canceled while 7th/8th grade lacrosse is not.       

In some cases, we have already purchased supplies. Fortunately, we were conservative in ordering, so our risk is limited. If we do play this spring, please keep in mind that uniforms will be a challenge as everyone in central Ohio will be trying to get them simultaneously. In our mind, it was worth the timing risk, as spring uniforms alone collectively cost upwards of $50,000. If your child’s activity has supplies that have already been purchased, you will have the option to buy those particular items. Please read your emails carefully as there will be different instructions for different emails.

We recognize that these are unique times, and we don’t want anyone to be without the resources to satisfy basic needs while waiting for a GRD refund.  If that is the case for your family, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members, and we will get you an immediate refund.  In the event that your child’s program does occur and your refund was processed, your child’s participation will not be affected.

RVP and Wildwood Parks Closed
Please respect the Governor’s and our decision to keep our active parks, Wildwood and Raccoon Valley Park closed. Passive parks such as Spring Valley Nature Preserve, Sugarloaf Park, Fanchion Lewis Park, and the Bike Trail remain open at this time. All of these parks have hiking trails where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. A good access point for the Bike Trail is next to the Granville Milling Company. 

AJ Gaul, Youth Sports Director – 740-644-1499
Lesa Miller, Program Director – 740-415-4387
Bobby Vahalik, Maintenance Director – 740-644-1863
Lara Benschoter, Marketing Specialist
Janet Gordon, Administrative Assistant
Justin Lodge, Fiscal Officer

John Klaus, Chairperson
John Kronk, Vice-chairperson
Brian Costa, Trustee
Tobias Dunbar, Trustee
Katie Richards, Trustee