Thank You!

Posted on November 12th, 2020 by Lara

Dear Community Member:

On behalf of our entire Leadership Team, we want to thank the community for supporting the Granville Recreation District’s recent operating levy. Due to everyone’s support, the GRD will continue to grow and expand. We look forward to using these resources to take our facilities and programs to the next level.

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Andy Wildman

Andy Wildman, Executive Director | or 740-644-0325
AJ Gaul, Youth Sports Director | or 740-644-1499
Lesa Miller, Program Director | or 740-415-4387
Bobby Vahalik, Maintenance Director | or 740-644-1863
Lara Benschoter, GRD Marketing Specialist |
Janet Gordon, Administrative Assistant |
Justin Lodge, Fiscal Officer

John Klaus, GRD Chairperson |
John Kronk, GRD Vice-Chairperson |
Brian Costa, GRD Trustee |
Tobias Dunbar, GRD Trustee |
Katie Richards, GRD Trustee |
Melanie and Kevin Kohlheim, Granville Generations United Treasurers