Fall ’20 Operating Levy Ballot Issue

Posted on July 23rd, 2020 by Lara

The Granville Recreation District was planning to launch a community engagement process to discuss the community center/outdoor pool initiative. Although that initiative continues to be our biggest priority, with the current state of affairs being what they are, we have decided to table the issue until the time is more appropriate. We do, however, plan to continue the discussion and engagement process, so when the time is right, we will be prepared to present the community with a project.

In the interim, we are filing a smaller ballot issue for this coming fall. We have both capital and operating necessities that need to be addressed. The capital projects include a pavilion, restrooms and concessions at RVP, paving at all of the parks, an additional maintenance facility, two pickleball courts, Wildwood pavilion renovation, and a relocated dog park. We also plan to allocate resources to annual maintenance and capital needs, as we have not increased our operating funds since 2010 or increased our millage since 2005. The issue we are working towards would be a .75 mill, five-year operating levy. 

View the 5 year, .75 mill Operating Levy Fact Sheet

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Granville Recreation District seeks .75 mil, 5-year operating levy

Please contact us should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

Tackle Football Registration

Posted on June 17th, 2020 by Lara

Tackle Football |#121130

Grades: 3/4 & 5/6
Registration Deadline EXTENDED: 8/1/2020
Uniform and equipment fitting will be completed once on line registration has ended. Fitting schedule will be sent to registrants shortly after on line registration has closed. 

As more information is released through the Governor’s office that may affect the ability to play youth football in 2020, we will post on Facebook and www.granvillerec.org. We are currently planning and preparing as if there will be youth tackle football in 2020. 

Our team(s) will play in the Licking County League Youth Football (LCLYF) that includes teams from Heath, Johnstown, Lakewood, Licking Heights, Newark Catholic, Northridge, Utica & Watkins Memorial. Conditioning will begin late July, practices will start early August. We expect the 3rd & 4th grade team(s) will practice two times per week, 5th & 6th grade teams will practice 3 times per week. Games will be played each weekend starting at the end of August and continuing through October.

New GRD Sport Compliance Rules

Posted on May 18th, 2020 by Lara

The Governor and the ODH have recently issued a new order regarding sports, at all levels. The order supersedes all previous orders involving sports and mandates each organization to have an operation plan and a compliance officer. 

Please review the GRD’s operation plan (in place as of August 26, 2020). I will be serving as the GRD’s compliance officer. The following staff members will have enforcement authority: Lara Benschoter, AJ Gaul, Janet Gordon, Justin Lodge, Lesa Miller, and Bobby Vahalik.

When the GRD uses school facilities or other facilities outside the GRD’s management, there might be different policies.  Those differences will be communicated separately. Please keep in mind that our school facilities are used considerably more often by more users, which dictates other policies.     

The current state of affairs is not enjoyable for anyone. While we all undoubtedly have unique thoughts and opinions about the issue, the rules are the rules, and we are all trying our best to get through these challenging times. In this case, we are doing everything we can to allow our children to play. Please help us by understanding the situation and complying with the order. 

As always, I am available for comments, questions, and concerns at 740-644-0325 or andywildman@granvillerec.org.

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