Director’s Message

I am thrilled to serve as the Executive Director of the Granville Recreation District. My team and the Board have been incredibly busy positioning the GRD for the future since my arrival as Director in May 2010. We’re exploring new programming opportunities, evaluating our community recreational facilities and reaching out to partners for creative collaboration. At the direction of the Board, we have engaged a firm to conduct a recreation feasibility study for the Granville community.

The GRD looks forward to continuing to providing recreational services to our community. We are excited about our marketing efforts in creating a new GRD logo, an upgraded and expanded website and our marketing campaign featuring “My GRD”. I want to thank the community for your continued support. We are committed to providing the Granville community the same quality of recreational services since our inception in 1976.

Andy Wildman, Executive Director,, (740) 644-0325 .

PLEASE NOTE: The GRD main office phoneline 740-587-1976 is back up and running. The GRD direct lines are no longer in use and staff members can be reached directly on their work cell phone. Cory Becher, Youth Sports/Program Coordinator, 740-644-2971. - Lara Benschoter, GRD Drive Academy Director/Marketing, 740-644-8523. - AJ Gaul, Youth Sports Director, 740-644-1499. - Juli Pintz, Program Director, 740-415-4387. - Bobby Vahalik, Maintenance Director, 740-644-1863. - Andy Wildman, Director, 740-644-0325