Raccoon Valley Park

Raccoon Valley Park (RVP) was purchased by Granville Township. The facility was expanded in 2003 when the Township acquired 28+ additional acres adjacent to the existing Raccoon Valley Park in order to expand programs for recreational use. Granville Township (through the formation of the Joint Recreation District) allows the Granville Recreation District (GRD) to manage its parks and facilities.

The GRD is in its 6th year of an 8 year program to expand the recreational facilities at RVP. At the conclusion of this project, RVP will include four baseball fields, four softball fields, soccer fields, recreational fields, playgrounds, a shelter house, and other recreational facilities.   

April 2011
– Permanent outfield fencing was added to 3 of the ball fields. In addition, one of the ball fields was conditioned with field topping helping to absorb water and reduce the number of rainout games.

May 2011
– Completed the excavation and seeding of two new multi-purpose fields at the north end of the park. These additional fields will provide flexibility for teams requiring open space for practices and games in both spring and fall seasonal sports. Additional parking was also added adjacent to those fields.

– Chris Betts donated 10 new picnic tables to RVP as part of his selected requirement to earn his Eagle Scout Award.

June 2011
– Completed the addition of 2 new fields at the softball complex. Outfield fencing and backstops were completed on two new fields and infield topping was added to Field A. The softball complex now includes 4 ball diamonds.

– Planted shade trees throughout the park, adding to the many other maple and ornamental trees that have been planted in previous years.