Board of Trustees

Board Members

The Granville Recreation District Board of Trustees is a five member board. Each member serves a 3-year term. The board includes 3 appointed members and 2 at-large members. Agencies that appoint members include Granville Village, Granville Exempted School District and Granville Township.


Hugh Masterson, Chairperson
Appointed in April 2013 by the Granville Township Trustees, Hugh serves on the Governance and Youth Sports Committees.  Hugh has spent countless hours volunteering as a coach and part of the ballpark grounds crew staff for the GRD.  Hugh is an attorney and is President of Master Controls, a manufacturers’ representative firm serving the natural gas industry.  Hugh and his wife Carrie have 2 children.

Fred Wolf, Vice Chairperson

klaus_headshot John Klaus, Trustee
Appointed in April 2013 as an At-Large Trustee.  John has recently chaired the Sports Advisory Board and acted as a Special Advisor for Officiating to the Basketball Committee for the GRD.  John works as the Coordinator of School Recruitment for Ariel Corporation in Mount Vernon.  John and his wife Karen have 3 children.

Brian Goss, Trustee
Appointed to the GRD Board in January 2015, Brian serves on both the Youth Sports and Marketing Committees.  A native of Ohio and retired Naval Officer, Brian and his family moved to Granville in 2013 after 24 years of Military service. Brian and his wife Pamela have 5 children and enjoy being active members in the GRD, PTO, and other community programs. Brian thrives on giving back to the community and working to make Granville Schools and the GRD the very best experience it can be.

Todd Naille, Trustee