’20 Operating Levy

The Granville Recreation District was planning to launch a community engagement process to discuss the community center/outdoor pool initiative. Although that initiative continues to be our biggest priority, with the current state of affairs being what they are, we have decided to table the issue until the time is more appropriate. We do, however, plan to continue the discussion and engagement process, so when the time is right, we will be prepared to present the community with a project.

In the interim, we are filing a smaller ballot issue for this coming fall. We have both capital and operating necessities that need to be addressed. The capital projects include a pavilion, restrooms and concessions at RVP, paving at all of the parks, an additional maintenance facility, two pickleball courts, Wildwood pavilion renovation, and a relocated dog park. We also plan to allocate resources to annual maintenance and capital needs, as we have not increased our operating funds since 2010 or increased our millage since 2005. The issue we are working towards would be a .75 mill, five-year operating levy. 

View the 5 year, .75 mill Operating Levy Fact Sheet

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If you have questions regarding the levy please email GranvilleGenerationsUnited@gmail.com or Andy Wildman, GRD Executive Director. Also available are personal zoom sessions.