Volunteer of the Month

volunteer_tdunbarThe GRD is happy to announce that Tobias Dunbar has been selected as our Volunteer of the Month for January.  It’s a real honor to coach the incredible group of boys we have this year.  Coach Warner and Coach Black do an excellent job providing sound technical instruction and its fun to work alongside of them.  We are looking forward to seeing the wrestling program grow in the future – it really is a terrific sport for our kids.

volunteer_of_the_month_kunarThe GRD is happy to announce that Mindy Kunar has been selected as our Volunteer of the Month for October.  Mindy started volunteering as a coach for the GRD Cheer program when her oldest daughter Lexi, began cheering in 2006.  Her enthusiasm for the sport and willingness to teach basic skills and routines to the girls has continued to improve our program over the years.  She has also given her time to help organize squads, distribute uniforms and lead practices during the summer and throughout the season. She never fails to go the extra mile for the program while juggling her own family’s commitments.  Thank-you Mindy for your years of commitment to the GRD Cheer program!

volunteer_jmiller2The GRD proudly presents Jerry Miller as our September Volunteer of the Month.  Jerry has served with the GRC and GRD for nearly 20 years.  His titles have included coach, GRC Commissioner, GRC Co-Executive Director, Official and Football Commissioner.   Most recently Jerry served as Football Liaison with the Licking County Youth Football League.  Jerry was an integral part of working with various Granville High School Coaches to launch the tackle football program in 2001.  He consistently displays the ability to see the big picture, choosing to focus on skill development, player experience and sportsmanship.  Mr. Miller has worked with countless coaches and other neighboring programs, to ensure the highest quality experience for every player in Licking County.  You can often find Jerry at a field or gym watching our young athletes, providing coaching and encouragement for them.  Mr. Miller, thank you for your years of commitment to Granville Rec. and Licking County.


The GRD has selected Andy Male as our Volunteer of the Month for August.  Andy has worked with the GRD for many years as a coach for the youth and middle school soccer programs.  He is also invested in helping with field maintenance during the season and communicating with our Maintenance Supervisor to improve the quality of our facilities.  Andy’s calm and positive approach to coaching keeps participants engaged in soccer as they grow and develop their skills.  He has been coaching soccer in Granville for 12 years, from kindergarten to the high school level and says “my mission has remained the same; to share my passion for the beautiful game and see them play with a smile on their face…..”

Thank you Andy for your commitment to the youth of our community and the development of our soccer players!

volunteer_julipintzJuie Pintz our July volunteer of the month said, “Interning with the GRD this summer was a terrific opportunity.  I was able to learn from the GRD staff the importance of actively involving all members of the community.  I loved being able to go out to various youth programs and events such as the Granville Covered in Color 5K, because I gained a true sense of how beneficial the GRD can be for everyone in the community.  I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to intern with the GRD and interact with a variety of the programs they offer.”

“Juli was a wonderful addition to our summer staff this year.  She was hard working and very detailed oriented and a pleasure to work with.  We wish her well with all of her future plans!” – Lesa Miller


Glenn and Lauri Haley enjoy residing in Granville and being involved in many aspects of our community. They appreciate the myriad of programs made possible by the GRD and remain fortunate to be a contributive part of growing youth lacrosse. The addition of the girls and boys 3/4 grade teams surpassed all expectations and raised the bar for future generations. They have never experienced more personal enjoyment helping kids expand their knowledge, skills and passion for the game their family has come to love. We salute all Granville lacrosse players and teams for a successful season and look forward to what the future holds for GLAX!

“Lauri Haley is THE energy behind Granville Lacrosse. Her ideas and brainstorms are the just the beginning of what it is we stand for. With the Haley’s as the driving factor for our lacrosse organization, our future looks bright.”  – Lisa Crock

The GRD appreciates the passion and commitment the Haley’s have serving our youth and the GRD.

volunteer_cannonhymanQuote from Lisa Cannon “We started running club 10 years ago with about 20 kids.  I primarily began it out of a desire to create a way for my son Matthew and I to have a group of other students to run with on the GIS driveway.  Diane Hyman began helping me the following year. Second Sole made this club very popular with their involvement and getting our club shoe sponsors in Asics and later New Balance. It has been most rewarding watching students of all athletic abilities get introduced to the sport of running.  It has been a real joy seeing some of our earliest runners now running collegiately, competing nationally and breaking state records.  I sincerely appreciate the opportunity the GRD gave me to continue this program 6 years ago when I came under their umbrella.  The GIS staff had all been so helpful especially as we grew in numbers to up to 130 runners in a given season!  Thank you very much for this recognition.”

Thank you Lisa and Diane for your support and leadership of this program!

volunteer_of_the_month_sparkThe GRD would like to recognize SPARK as our Volunteer Group of the Month. They have supported one of the GRD’s largest community events for the past two years by filling over 6,000 plastic eggs with candy for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Hannah Watson is the Executive Director , “SPARK is a community integrated program for adults with developmental disabilities. At SPARK we believe that individuality, self-determination & advocacy and community participation are keys to success and life fulfillment. SPARK belongs to the SPARKlers and we strive to enrich individuals life through personalized skill and interest development.  Individuals set the mood, influence the activities and determine the direction of the program. We very much appreciate the dedication and hard work that SPARK does each year for the GRD. Thank-you!


The GRD proudly announces that Bill White is our Volunteer of the Month.  Bill had the vision of starting a Granville Community Band. He came to us with his idea and we added the program to our brochure to see if other community members would join. After several months of practice the inaugural performance was held at the Grand stand during the 4th of July Celebration. Since then they have performed at the Great Granville Picnic, Candlelight Walking Tour and the Senior Holiday Dinner. We appreciate everything you do and all of the hours you put into the Community Band. You had a vision and we appreciate you working with the GRD to make that dream a reality. Volunteers are such an important part of any community and we are blessed to be able to offer such a wide variety of programs, because of people like you. Thanks for being the inspiration for this program and literally the leader of the band!

volunteer_predieriThe GRD proudly presents Craig Predieri as our Volunteer of the Month for February 2015!  Coach Predieri has been involved as a Volunteer  Coach with the GRD for many years and most recently has coached his daughter’s basketball team the past few seasons.  Coach Predieri consistently displays the ability to see the big picture choosing to focus on the skill development & overall experience of his players rather than what the scoreboard shows.  Not to say his teams have not been successful, as his 3rd/4th Grade Girls Basketball team finished runner up in the league tournament this season.  His teams always show progressive improvement and he has become a favorite amongst parents who request he be their child’s coach.  The GRD appreciates Coach Predieri’s model of sportsmanship as he helps set the bar for what all Volunteer Coaches should aspire to be.  Coach Predieri, thank you for all you do for our Youth Sports Leagues!

volunteer_of_the_month_atchisonThe GRD is happy to announce Mark Atchison as our Volunteer of the Month! Mark has coached a variety of GRD youth sports including  6 years of baseball, 4 years of flag football, and 5 years of wrestling. In particular, Mark’s contributions to the GRD Youth Wrestling program have been substantial as he currently serves in a volunteer capacity to ensure meets & practices are set up, updated information is communicated to parents, among other duties. Mark explains the positive impact that the GRD Youth Sports Leagues have had on his family, “We have been very lucky and blessed to raise our kids in a community and within a local youth sports organization that parades excellent volunteer coach after coach, and the boys and I have learned lots and benefited from all of them.” Coach Atchison, the GRD appreciates all the great work you have done as a volunteer!


Tim Hughes and Tim LePontois were both active members of the GRC Advisory Committee before the GRD was formed in 2010. Each of them volunteered for numerous activities over the years, Tim LePontois served as our Baseball Commissioner and Tim Hughes facilitated our 4th of July Games for many, many years. Now, the Tim’s volunteer their time each year by spending the day cooking a delicious meal for the Senior Holiday Dinner, a community event that the GRD has hosted for many years.  Thanks to both of you, and congratulations on being the GRD Volunteers of the Month!


The GRD is happy to announce Micah Whitehair as our GRD Volunteer of the Month!  The Whitehair family has taken part in GRD programs for more than 6 years and Micah’s been volunteering for 3 of those years. Micah explains the positive impact GRD Volunteer Coaches have played on his own children ,” Many volunteers have played a significant role in my children’s development, teaching them more than just sports. My children have grown to understand what it means to be true teammates and caring individuals by sacrificing for their team. Sharing their experiences with their friends is truly priceless and is something they will never forget. It’s obvious to me, that the volunteers I’ve seen working with my children over the years are selfless and motivated to teach, which is what I really respect about the GRD, they care about their teachers.”

Coach Whitehair – we appreciate everything you have given back to the GRD Youth Sports Leagues!


Granville High School Key Club is a service organization that empowers its  members to lead and serve by cultivating leadership skills, developing   friendships, and performing  community service. Key Club members have a passion for helping others and gain leadership skill they will carry with them for a lifetime. The group is being recognized for volunteering their time helping the GRD with Turn Your Screen Off Week, Fall Harvest Festival and Spooky Story Hour. Cindy Shaffer has been their advisor since 1997, the club currently has about 100 members.  The main cornerstone project each year is their bone marrow project. In order to support that project some of the fund raisers they do each year are the Talent Show, Battle of the Bands, face painting, and catering the Hall of Fame Dinner.

Congratulations and thank-you for your service!


The GRD proudly presents Vince & Shae Super as our Volunteer(s) of the Month!  Both became involved with the GRD Field Hockey & Lacrosse programs when their daughters registered to play several years back.  Since that time, they have served in various roles ranging from head coach to team manager.  Vince explains, ” There is nothing better than going to a game and watching these girls execute the things you know they can do and have fun with it.  My suggestion as a Dad, take a few hours a week and just come out and get involved.”  For Shae, there are several aspects of being a GRD Volunteer that she enjoys, ” I really like seeing the girls develop a love for the game of field hockey! They start out not sure how to hold a stick and looking at the field with amazed eyes, and three years later they are a great team player and want to continue with this sport in high school. I also get to know the girls that hang with my girls and hope that I make an impact on them as much as they have impacted me!”  Vince & Shae Super – the GRD thanks you for being outstanding volunteers!


The GRD is happy to present Richard Semer as our Volunteer of the Month!  Chances are if your child has played soccer in Granville in the past 20 years, they have had the opportunity to learn from one of the community’s best soccer minds.  Coach Semer has been involved in Granville soccer in various roles including Head JV Boys Coach (GHS), Head Varsity Girls Coach (GHS) and his current role as Head JV Girls Coach (GHS) and Assistant MS Girls Coach (GRD). Coach Semer has contributed to the growth of GRD soccer in many ways including being the head coach of the first ever MS Girls team back in 1992 and creating the small sided concept of Youth Soccer which is still in use for our Pre K – 2nd Grade Leagues to this day. Coach Semer, the  GRD appreciates all of your contributions to the youth of Granville. Thanks for being an outstanding Volunteer with the GRD!


We are pleased to announce Dena McKinley as our Volunteer of the month. Dena serves as the Chairperson of the Concert on the Green Series and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Granville Recreation District. She joined as a volunteer in 2001 as a member of the Granville Recreation Commission and served as Secretary and President.  She was also instrumental during the formation of the GRD in 2010.  Dena facilitates the Concert on the Green Series, booking the entertainment and working with the musical groups on concert day.  This community event would not be possible without help from dedicated volunteers like Dena.

We appreciate all she does!


The GRD is happy to announce the “RVP Grounds Crew” made up of Brian Mills, Keith Claypool, Hugh Masterson and Chad Phillips as the Volunteers of the Month for June 2014.  This dedicated group of volunteers has been a consistent presence for the entire ballpark season and have done a tremendous job of making the fields at RVP looks as great as they do.  From dragging fields, emptying trash bins, tractor maintenance, and lining fields – the GRD is extremely fortunate to have all of you as volunteers.  The fields continue to improve every year!

Fellas, the GRD appreciates all your hard work and time – thank you for making a positive difference!


The GRD is happy to present Brad Schneider as the Volunteer of the Month for May 2014.  Brad has been involved in many of the GRD’s  youth sports leagues as a volunteer coach & was nominated by one of his soccer parents from this spring.  Writes parent Eric Mialky, “Brad has been my daughter’s head soccer coach for the past 2 seasons. Brad is a positive influence and coach for the kids of our community on and off the field.  He has a strong ability to teach while possessing a love for the game of soccer.  Whether our team is winning or losing, he continues to display respect, patience, and sportsmanship at all times.  These characteristics are also exemplified in his players.”

Coach Schneider, the GRD salutes you for being a positive role model in our community!


We are pleased to announce Dick Kinsley as our Volunteer of the month. Dick serves on the Advisory Committee of the Granville Recreation District. He joined as a volunteer in 2007 as a member of the Granville Recreation Commission and stayed on through the formation of the GRD in 2010. He also volunteers on the GRD’s Concert on the Green Committee and plays a vital role in the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Dick is also volunteers during the annual International Walk to School Day, passing out healthy snacks to the kids before they walk to the elementary school. The many community events that the GRD offers would not be possible without help from dedicated volunteers like Dick.
Dick Kinsley, we appreciate all you do for the GRD!



The GRD is pleased to announce Brett Black as the Volunteer of the Month for March 2014.  Brett was a GRD wrestling coach this past winter and has shown dedication in providing the youth of Granville with a great experience.    Says GRD wrestling parent Alison Terry, “Coach Black did an amazing job this wrestling season.  His energy, enthusiasm and general love of the sport was evident throughout the season at practices, dual meets and tournaments.  His ability to keep forty-five kids, ranging in age from kindergarten through sixth grade, focused and entertained, while still learning the fundamentals during practices was a tremendous feat.  Overall the kids learned some valuable life lessons in self-discipline, competing as individuals and perseverance on the mat.  Great job Coach Black – we are already looking forward to next year’s season!”

Coach Black, the GRD appreciates all of your efforts and congratulations!



The GRD is happy to present Steve Bain as the Volunteer of the Month for February 2014. Steve was the Head Coach of a 3rd/4th Grade Boys Youth Basketball team this winter. Parent JR Wait explains, “Steve has been a class act since day one in the way he dealt with my son and his teammates on and off the basketball court, and in the way that he communicated with our parent group. He did a great job teaching the fundamentals, and showed the team how to handle success and failure in a positive, healthy way. Steve was a big reason why my son had a memorable season, loved going to practice, and wants to continue to play basketball. His Mom and I are very thankful.  GRIZZLY-UP COACH BAIN!”

Coach Bain, the GRD appreciate all of your efforts and congratulations!