2018 Community Event Sponsors

2018 Easter Egg Hunt Sponsor

Granville Parent Co-op Preschool

2018 Elf Hunt

Shirck Orthodontics

2018 Elf Photo Contest

Shirck Orthodontics

2018 Gingerbread Competition

Shirck Orthodontics

PLEASE NOTE: The GRD main office phoneline 740-587-1976 is back up and running. The GRD direct lines are no longer in use and staff members can be reached directly on their work cell phone. Cory Becher, Youth Sports/Program Coordinator, 740-644-2971. - Lara Benschoter, GRD Drive Academy Director/Marketing, 740-644-8523. - AJ Gaul, Youth Sports Director, 740-644-1499. - Juli Pintz, Program Director, 740-415-4387. - Bobby Vahalik, Maintenance Director, 740-644-1863. - Andy Wildman, Director, 740-644-0325