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All soccer players should start their practice, game or training session with dynamic warm up exercises.   Here are 5 exercises that can help prepare the body for exercise. The exercises include working anything from hamstrings to quads. By no means does this include all the exercises to be done before a workout but it will get you started. Just follow the images for how to do the exercises.

How To Play Soccer
The objective of this article is to outline the basics and fundamentals of the game of soccer. The article will attempt to teach you a little bit on how to play the game of soccer. From fundamentals like passing and shooting, to how many players are on the pitch at one time this article will outline some of the basics. You will find videos, links to other resources for more in depth information. >Read More

Coaching Guides For All Age Levels
Coaching soccer requires many different attributes. To coach soccer successfully you need patience, determination, humility, desire to learn more, the ability to lead your team and much much more. You will also need to learn about the best ways to progress them from one training stage to the next. >Read More

Drill Videos:
Ball Control Drill w/Agility Footwork
How to Receive Ground Balls
The Basics of Passing
How to Shoot the Soccer Ball
In Step Drive Shooting a Soccer Ball
Over/Under Goalkeeper Drill
Goal Keeper Drill: How to Catch a Soccer Ball
Coaching the 4-4-2
3-5-2 Soccer Formation

Animated Drill Videos:
Knock Down Agility
This is a basic agility drill that will develop agility.  This Soccer Agility drill uses cones set up in a circle with one in the middle. >Read More

Fitness Drill with Shooting
This animated Coach FX drill is designed to build fitness while working on shooting, and multiple dribbling angles. >Read More

Multistage Fitness Drill
This multi stage soccer fitness drill is designed around developing fitness using the soccer ball as well as other objects.  This drill puts the soccer player in positions to work on foot quickness with the agility ladder,  agility with sticks and hurdles. >Read More

Zig Zag Agility
The unique thing about how this soccer agility drill was designed is that it includes the ball. This agility drill puts the player in a position to receive a ball under control then return the ball to the passer under control. >Read More

Backwards Forwards
This soccer agility cone drill demands that the soccer player develop the ability to change from running backwards to running forwards.

4v4 Wall Game
Check out this small sided game that you can implement with your team. This animated drill, created with Coach FX software, is a great small sided game. Click on the the link below to view the drill. >Read More

3 v 2 Midfield Support Game
Check out this short animated drill designed by CoachFX. This drill is a midfield support game. >Read More

2 v 2 Small Sided Game
The 2 v 2 small sided soccer game enables players to go two against two while trying to score the ball. Work under pressure, on your passing skills and ability to finish etc. >Read More

1 v 1 Striker Drill
This is one of the free soccer drills from CoachFX.   It is a designed with the striker in mind.  As you watch the free drill you will notice the different situations the striker is put in or even the possibilities the striker can score from.  Whether you are working with your back to the net or playing off other players around you, this drill provides comprehensive ways to develop the striker. >Read More