GRD Boys Lacrosse

Spring 2021 Picture Schedule: Saturday, May 1 @ Wildwood

3rd/4th Grade & 5th/6th Grade

The GRD Lacrosse program will focus on developing individual stick skills and basic understanding of the game. Demonstrating good sportsmanship and understanding the value of teamwork are also a point of focus. The number of teams will be determined by the number of registered players.

The 3rd/4th & 5th/6th grade boy’s lacrosse season will run from early March to the end of May.  Practices will be held several evenings each week.  Games (8-12 total) will be scheduled with teams in the greater Columbus area. The majority of the games will be on Sunday afternoons – this is a league rule. Travel to away games will be the parents’ responsibility. Denison students with extensive lacrosse playing experience will be hired as head coaches and will be complemented by our parent volunteers.

Equipment required includes (game jersey will be provided and must be returned at the end of the season):

– Lacrosse stick

– Helmet

– Mouth guard

– Cleats

– Shoulder pads

– Elbow pads

– Gloves

– Rib protector (optional)

If you are new to lacrosse and would like to learn more about the game, the website for U.S. Lacrosse, is a great place to start

The Youth Rules and Best Practices Guidebook may also be helpful.

Middle School (7th/8th Grade)

League Season & Games

The Granville MS Boys Lacrosse Team participates in the Ohio Middle School Lacrosse Association (OMSLA) league. League information is available on the league Website at

The league’s outdoor spring season officially begins the last week in February and runs through mid-May. A state tournament is held over a weekend the third week of May.

A & B Teams

No lacrosse playing experience is required and it is definitely NOT too late to pick up this sport.

We divide our boys MS lacrosse into two teams, A and B. Our A team will always be our most developed players for the positions available and our B team will be a development team. Both teams have scrimmages and games scheduled during the season. Not all participating league programs have B teams and, as a result, our B team may have fewer games scheduled.

Players will be evaluated during the first weeks of practice to determine their initial placement on the A or B team. Player development will continue to be evaluated throughout the season and team assignments will change for many, some invited up to the A team and others needing to move to the B team. A and B team rosters will change throughout the season.

A Team

The total number on the A team roster for any game is determined by the coaches. Our objective for A team games is to field the most competitive group. That means that in many games the starting 3 attackmen, starting 3 defensemen, starting goalie and the first two lines of midfielders (6) will get a majority of playing time. Substitutions deeper within our roster will be the sole decision of the coaches during games.

Gap Players

Gap Players are members of the A team not on starting lines, or those who experience little A team game time.  These Gap Players will also be on the B game roster where they will get more game experience.

B Team

The B team roster will include Gap Players and all remaining developing players. The objective of B team is to give all players equal game experience.


Daily practices progress through Stick Drills, Position Drills, Half Field and Full Field work. Daily practices focus on skills – appropriate drills and training.  It is important to continually develop strong fundamental skills. Players will often combine at the end of practice for full-field work and scrimmages.

Individual Growth & Development

The middle school lacrosse program will focus on developing strong individual lacrosse skills and understanding of the game. Demonstrating good sportsmanship and understanding the value of teamwork are also a point of focus.

MS sports are a time of transition for 7th and 8th grade boys. For many, lacrosse is a fun recreational sport and, for others, it is becoming a highly competitive team environment. While we strive to keep things fun, and understanding that each of these boys develops at their own unique pace and clock, this program will focus on developing more competitive players and more competitive teams.

At this level, the boys are expected to work on their individual growth and development outside of the daily practices. For any of these boys wanting to secure a spot on the A team, be on a starting line in HS varsity, or have dreams of playing lacrosse in college, they must dedicate personal time to developing their fundamental stick skills. Those skills can only come from frequent repetition. They must be able to consistently throw accurate passes with their left and right hand. They must be able to consistently catch passes with their left and right hand. They must be able to protect the ball with an effective single-hand cradle in either hand.